Asset Protection using Hybrid Long-Term Care Insurance Products

A new generation of asset protection alternatives to long-term care insurance are becoming increasingly popular for wealth transfer and long-term care planning. Unlike traditional long-term care insurance, premiums are guaranteed, they can never be increased. Perhaps most importantly, if long-term care benefits are never used premium dollars are not lost. Premium contributions can always be returned to the insured at anytime, or paid to beneficiaries in the form of an income tax exempt death benefit if the long-term care insurance component is not utilized.

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RetirementGuard is an independent broker and consultant working in the asset protection insurance space. This is the only thing we do. We are the vendor and broker of choice with many Ivy League schools (Google RetirementGuard) but we also work with people like you.

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How does this work?
The slides below will illustrate a better method of self insuring.
If you don't use it, you don't lose it!

A 58 year old decides to reposition $100,000 from an underperforming asset. He makes 5 annual premiums of $20,000 into a Hybrid insurance policy.

slide 1

At the end of year 6 he can always get his $100,000 back and should he die $176,000 will be paid income tax-free to his beneficiaries.

slide 2

The $100,000 ($20,000 for 5 years) initially leverages into a $400,000 long-term care benefit.

slide 3

When he is most likely to need long-term care, the $100,000 ($20,000 for 5 years) is leveraged into a $1,000,000 long-term care benefit.

slide 4

And if he never needs long-term care his beneficiaries will receive a tax-free death benefit in excess of what his original premium was.

slide 5

He would have had to invest his original $100,000 at 7.4% after-tax to generate the same $1,000,000 long-term care benefit.

slide 6

Think about it, for those who were planning to self insure who wouldn't want to consider a hybrid plan?

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  • Why the Hybrid LTC Product
    "Lincoln MoneyGuard"
    is Usually Better
  • MoneyGuard has competitors but is still, generally, the most competitive Hybrid product. But a word of caution, the wrong product choice could literally cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • MoneyGuard is very competitive for women—at any age.
  • MoneyGuard is extremely competitive if you are willing to have less than a 100% money back guarantee should you never need long-term care.
  • However
  • MoneyGuard is not competitive if you are looking for an indemnity (disability) model.
  • MoneyGuard is not as competitive for men under age 72.
  • MoneyGuard is not competitive if 100% access to your premium contribution is important to you anytime.
  • Again, the wrong choice can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Which product is best for you?

The wrong choice could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars. In one phone call - without obligation - we can compare several of most popular Hybrid Products available to you to help you make informed decisions. Contact us at 1-888-793-6111 (toll free) or at

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