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About RetirementGuard & Long-Term Care Insurance

RetirementGuard is independently owned and we are singularly focused on helping people keep their money safe. Our main office is located in Lakeville, CT.

The advantage of working with us is that we are independent and have access to all of the major insurance companies products. Because not all products are created equal we may be able to save you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Our mission is to enhance quality of life and peace of mind through the use of tax qualified traditional and asset based long-term care insurance strategies. We believe our client’s interest always comes first. If we are diligent in serving our clients’ needs- our success will follow. We work with employer groups and individuals, and our employer client list includes many of the most prestigious colleges, universities, and medical schools in the United States.

Sandy Dennis is a co-founder of RetirementGuard. Sandy is responsible for all facets of operations, and is our Chief Happiness Officer. Client happiness is synonymous with the firm’s success.

Craig Davis is also a co-founder. Craig has over 20 years experience in the long-term care insurance industry, primarily in the employee benefit realm.

We offer clients a level of specialization, service, and expertise that they will have difficulty finding anywhere else. To learn more about us, visit our other websites.

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Craig Davis, President
860.435.6622 | 888.793.6111 (toll-free)

My name is Craig Davis, and I am President of RetirementGuard. Our mission is to help people safeguard their assets and we work with traditional and nontraditional solutions. We are independent, are not tied to any particular insurance company, and will provide you with objective comparisons and quotes without any obligation on your part. If ultimately you obtain insurance through us we will be paid by the insurance company you have selected. We work with individuals such as yourself, but we are also the approved long-term care insurance vendor for several Ivy League institutions.