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MoneyGuard is the most popular hybrid product, for good reason. They are competitive for men and women at every age. MoneyGuard provides 100% vesting (with a single premium you can get all of your money back after 6 years) or 80% vesting with higher long-term care values. It is a reimbursement model with no elimination period. MoneyGuard has a very popular 10 pay model that is extremly competitive for both men and women.

Lincoln Financial Group is a Fortune 500 company offering a diverse range of financial services and solutions. The company has a strong focus on four areas: life insurance, annuities, retirement plan services, and group protection.

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We feel a strong allegiance to Lincoln Financial’s MoneyGuard product. But we have a stronger allegiance to you-and doing the right thing.

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  • Why is MoneyGuard Usually Better?
  • MoneyGuard has competitors but is still, generally, the most competitive Hybrid product. But a word of caution, the wrong product choice could literally cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • MoneyGuard is very competitive for women—at any age.
  • MoneyGuard is extremely competitive if you are willing to have less than a 100% money back guarantee should you never need long-term care.
  • However
  • MoneyGuard is not competitive if you are looking for an indemnity (disability) model.
  • MoneyGuard is not as competitive for men under age 72.
  • MoneyGuard is not competitive if 100% access to your premium contribution is important to you anytime.
  • Again, the wrong choice can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Hybrid Long Term Care Insurance.
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RetirementGuard is an independent broker and consultant working in the asset protection insurance space. This is the only thing we do. We are the vendor and broker of choice with many Ivy League schools (Google RetirementGuard) but we also work with people like you.

My name is Craig Davis and I am RetirementGuard’s President. Because this is all that we do we are experts. If you have a Financial Planner, that’s wonderful. Let him or her do what they do best- manage your money. Our job is to protect it. Remember, the wrong product choice could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars- or more. Without obligation call me today. If I am not available I will get back to you ASAP.

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