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To aid you in your decision-making process here are resources you can use to help identify and select the alternatives that maximize your benefits based on your individual set of needs, values and preferences.


New and Improved!

10 pay as opposed to single pay HYBRID life insurance models are becoming increasingly popular-and the SINGLE premium fixed life insurance model has been the alternative of choice.

But the life insurance model has just become even better.For many people the single premium was too large a barrier . Sometimes it required a significant qualified plan distribution-with a nasty tax liability. And even if the plan was funded by a maturing CD or money market fund-it still required fortitude to reposition the money.

BUT NOW THE 10 PAY MODEL IS MUCH MORE PALATEBLE- AND IT PROVIDES GREATER LEVERAGE TOO. Pennies on the dollar can be leveraged into lifetime long-term care insurance benefits. Infinite benefits!

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How a Hybrid policy can work for Couples

Life Insurance model for married people. Download PDF Brochure

How a Hybrid policy can work for Singles

Life Insurance model for individuals. Download PDF Brochure

How a Hybrid policy can work for Women

Life Insurance model for Women. Download PDF Brochure

Life Combination Products

The popularity of life combination products has proven not to be just a trend. The amalgamated products grew 56 percent in 2011, representing a third consecutive year of double-digit growth. Read PDF Document

Higher Returns on Safe Money Plus Long Term Care Benefits

Most of you have a slug of "safe money" on which you'd like to earn a higher return without risking your principal. You also would like to protect your estates from long term expenses without the use-it-or-lose-it feature of stand alone long term care insurance policies. There are tools available to help you reach these goals. Read PDF Document

LTCI is something that is often necessary, but just as often avoided.

For those who hope to buy coverage, a number of alternatives are gaining in popularity. Hybrid products—those that combine some type of life insurance with a long-term-care benefit—have been rising as traditional policies have faded. Read PDF Document

The Pension Protection Act and Long-Term Care

The Pension Protection Act, also known as Public Law 109-280, is a wide-ranging piece of legislation signed into law August 17th, 2006. While the majority of it deals with changes and reforms to pension governance, Section 844 of the act deals specifically with annuities, long-term care and new tax advantages. Read PDF Document

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